When Cabot Lyman approached us about producing a design that would represent the culmination of all the ideas he has acquired during of his years of building, maintaining and circumnavigating aboard sailing yachts, we were thrilled to say the least. Under his direction we have created the best all around boat to come from our office thus far.

Moderate in displacement, the Lyman-Morse 55 is designed to go to sea - period. E
xtreme care was taken in developing the hull shape to provide a fine entry at the bow, a midship section for maximum stability, and a stern that minimizes squatting and makes for an exhilarating turn of speed in a strong following breeze. When it's time to turn upwind, pounding is minimal. Her crew can venture to any remote destination safe in the knowledge that their boat will take care of them during the most inclement weather, while also moving with alacrity when the breeze is light and on the nose.

The deck is designed for ease of moving about. The foredeck is flush with no subtle changes in shape that may appear stylish but can turn an ankle when stepped on the wrong way in the dark of night. The cockpit coamings are high for comfort but not so high as to make going forward an athletic challenge. Winches are located for easy access from either the helm position aft or the secure shelter of the dodger.

The interior is laid out for both safety offshore and livability in port. While under way there is no need for any crew to go forward of the mast since there are adequate sleeping and living spaces for everyone aft where the motion is less. There is an abundance of handholds and no wide open spaces through which bodies can be thrown. Once in port, the spacious forward cabin can be used, its occupants sleeping peacefully free of the incessant sound of waves slapping the counter that is the curse of aft owner's staterooms.

The substantial rig is configured as an easily handled fractional sloop. The slightly overlapping jib greatly simplifies tacking and the large main is an effective driver in lighter wind conditions. In heavier air the main is easily reefed from the cockpit for a compact and efficient sail plan that has a properly shaped jib instead of a poorly set roller-reefed genoa.

Hull and deck construction is foam cored fiberglass using a resin infusion process that has been perfected at Lyman-Morse. Resin infusion allows for precise ratios of fibers and resin, which produces predictable strength properties and minimizes the use of excess material.

The Lyman-Morse 55 is intended not to be heavily laden with complex systems that are constantly in need of repair. The systems that are present have been carefully selected by the crew at Lyman-Morse, using their experience maintaining the myriad boats that have spent time at the yard as well as their understanding of the latest advances in technology. They know the difference between an item that truly enhances the cruising experience and one that merely complicates it.

Lyman-Morse 55 Interior
Sail Area (IJPE):

1337 sq ft
183 gal
313 gal
Perkins-Sabre M92B
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Lyman-Morse 55 appendages
Lyman-Morse 55 at anchor
Lyman-Morse 55 Deck Plan
A peek into the Lyman-Morse 55 interior
High quality yet easy to maintain interior
Lyman-Morse 55 Sail Plan