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Current and past projects of Ed Joy Yacht Design


Good Hope 56 #4 - Expedition Yacht

Rugged aluminum expedition yacht with free-standing mast

Good Hope 56 #4

Expedition Yacht with Free-Standing Rig


LOA: 56'-2"   LWL: 47'-4"  Beam: 15'-10"  Draft (keel up): 3'-2"  Draft (keel down): 8'-9"  Displacement: 55,000lb  Ballast: 21,460lb   Sail area: 1345sq ft   Fuel: 590gal   Water: 270gal   Engine: John Deere 4045TFM85M2 125HP@2800RPM

The client for the latest Good Hope 56 was looking for a lower bridge clearance while minimally compromising the sailing abilities of the boat. After exploring several options it was decided that best solution would be a free-standing, rotating carbon spar. The very efficient mainsail shape combined with the increased stability due to the significant decrease in weight aloft showed only a slight decrease in speed over the more complicated, conventionally rigged boats.


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