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Current and past projects of Ed Joy Yacht Design

Muscongus Bay 18 - A Beautiful Family Daysailer

A Maine built classic daysailer

Muscongus Bay 18

Custom Family Daysailer


LOA:18'-1"  LWL:13'-8"  Beam:5'-10"  Draft:2'-6"  Displacement:1340lb  Ballast:720lb  Sail-Area-(IJPE):140sq-ft

Midcoast Maine is home to a variety of talented people. Among them is Andy Payor of Rockport Technologies, renowned designer and builder of speakers and turntables. He has long dreamed of having a beautiful little sailboat moored off his summer camp on Damariscotta Lake, ever ready to make the most of the afternoon breeze, and to be a floating work of art that he can enjoy from the shore.

Andy's eye for beauty is as well developed as his ear for sound. He knew exactly how he wanted his boat to look and perform, and had produced a set of detailed drawings and a 3D computer model of his creation. Ed Joy Design refined the hull, rig and appendages, provided the 3D models for the CNC tooling; and produced the final construction plans and specifications.

The Muscongus Bay 18's varnished trim and classic looks belie her carbon fiber construction and modern hull design. From any perspective, even a trained eye is convinced she is built of wood. The high tech construction allows a high ballast ratio to keep the boat on her feet and the crew dry and safe. The simple rig is easily managed and perfect for teaching youngsters how to sail. 

For auxilliary propulsion, Andy had a Yamaha 2.5HP four stroke outboard modified to his specifications so that it can be completely concealed under the aft deck.

When the finished boat was presented on launch day, it was obvious to everyone present that she was much more than a beautiful design constructed by talented builders. The details worked together bring something truly exceptional because Andy had meticulously supervised every one of them. He laid out the trim on the bulkheads, spent hours in the cockpit perfecting the ergonomics, and directed the shaping of the coaming tops until they looked just right to his eye. There were no mast steps and tiller heads to his liking on the market, so he designed his own.

The Muscongus Bay 18 is a testament to the skill of the small Maine boatbuilders that Andy employed to carry out his instructions. The hull, deck and rudder were built by Steve Crane of Thomaston, and the exquisite details and finish were completed by Guy Polyblank at Englishman Marine in Rockland and French & Webb in Belfast. 


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