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Current and past projects of Ed Joy Yacht Design


Cabo Rico 56 - Offshore Legend

The flagship of Cabo Rico Yachts, this handsome and capable vessel can carry crew to any port in the world in comfort and safety.

Cabo Rico 56

Long Distance Cruising Legend


LOA: 59'-8"  LOD: 55'-9"  LWL: 42'-6"  Beam: 15'-8"  Draft: 6'-6"  Displacement: 51,300lb  Ballast: 18,750lb  Sail Area (IJPE): 1504sq ft  Fuel: 365gal  Water: 204gal Engine: Volvo D3-110 110HP@3000RPM

Cabo Rico Yachts has long been a successful proponent of the heavy displacement offshore voyager. It is robust in construction, comfortable at sea, and has ample volume to contain all the items necessary for living aboard long term. With careful and competent design, there is also no reason that such a safe, secure craft should not also be a fast sailer. It is no coincidence that Cabo Rico owners can most often be found on their boats exploring remote areas of the world.

The Cabo Rico 56 is the flagship of the company. Fast, beautiful and rugged, she is a significant achievement in offshore voyaging yacht design and construction. The design represents the latest thinking in heavy displacement performance. The long, NACA foil shaped keel is attached to a hull with a fine entry for speed and a powerful stern for stability. The clipper bow has just the right amount of flare for dryness without slowing the boat down as it passes through each wave. The rudder is fully balanced behind a large aperture for a light helm and reduced stress on the autopilot.

Construction is E-glass and vinylester resin with a Core-cell foam core. Weight saved in the hull and deck due to modern construction methods is added to the ballast, which makes for a stiff boat that can stand up to a considerable blow before reefs are needed.

Each Cabo Rico 56 is built to order, so there is a great deal of flexibility in the interior layout, finish and equipment. A beautifully proportioned pilothouse and a ketch rig will be added as options in the near future.

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